100 Fastest-growing use Cases in Artificial Intelligence Across the World – Exclusive Case Study by MarketsandMarketsTM

100 Fastest-growing use Cases in Artificial Intelligence Across the World – Exclusive Case Study by MarketsandMarketsTM

CHICAGO, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

Top 100 use cases in AI across industries

Growing enterprises across industries are witnessing a paradigm shift in terms of technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already revolutionizing major industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, supply chain, retail, fintech, operations, enterprise, intelligent edge, telecom, social media, marketing, education, aviation, military, agriculture, security, and computer vision. Industry-specific use cases are spurring the demand for AI technology. For instance, in the manufacturing industry, the key use cases of AI include predictive maintenance, industrial robots, and quality control. In the healthcare industry, major use cases of AI include patient data & risk analytics, in-patient care & hospital management, and virtual assistants. Supported by its numerous use cases, the AI technology features in the mainstream discussions among industry experts and researchers and is resulting in an increased R&D expenditure to further innovate in these application areas.

Top 79 AI vendors across segments

With the AI technology gaining the momentum, the number of vendors and startups offering AI solutions is also growing exponentially. Industry leaders are also disrupting the AI market by acquiring startups and forming partnerships with other key players. AI vendors can be segmented on the nature of their offerings, such as hardware and devices, networking, software, security, platform, services, and the cloud. We have identified the top vendors in each of the above segments. Top hardware and devices vendors include Qualcomm Technologies, Tencent, and Intel. Among the AI platform vendors, Microsoft, AWS, IBM, and Google are the leaders. Major AI software providers include Honeywell, Nuance Communications, SAP, IBM, and Oracle.

Top 50 startups disrupting AI market

On the other hand, the number of AI startups are booming at a fast pace, globally. They are leading the innovation initiatives and are attracting significant funding from investors. We have identified the top AI startups to be watched for in the AI space, including DataRobot, Commerce.AI, Servion Global Solutions, Happiest Minds, and Cylance.


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