What is General Purpose Artificial Intelligence?

What is General Purpose Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest industry today. Billions of dollars are being spent worldwide to research and develop new technologies in the field of AI. One of the biggest goals of these researches is to develop General Purpose Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). What is GPAI?

We already know AI is the ability of computing software programs to learn as to how to make decisions or do things based on complex input data. For example, suppose you are thinking about investing your money so that your investment is risk-free and at the same time provides a good return on your investment. We know that there are many financial instruments available in the market which; vary considerably on the parameters of risks and returns. Investing money in shares of companies can provide good returns but are highly risky. You can lose money if share prices fall. But you can get good returns if share prices rise. At the other extreme are fixed deposits of banks. Returns on investment here are totally risk-free but returns are very low. Then there are many financial instruments like mutual funds which are less risky but can provide more returns compared to fixed deposits.

People invest their money after thinking about these factors. In a way, we can say that we use our intelligence to make a decision about an investment. AI software programs have been developed to do such tasks even better than us human beings. In fact, many AI software programs have been developed to do many such tasks and are already in the market. These AI software programs are really smart and can do things better than human beings. But if these AI software programs have better intelligence as compared to human beings?


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