Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Hospital Revenue Cycle

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Hospital Revenue Cycle

Each year when they draft their budgets, hospital executives and other healthcare leaders are challenged to find ways to cut costs while maintaining high-quality services within the hospital revenue cycle.

Fewer dollars are flowing into hospitals because of changes to the care delivery landscape, and the cash hospitals have available is often spent on emergent necessities, such as data security, attracting and retaining top talent, or overdue facility upgrades.

Coupled with the growing number of patients enrolled in high-deductible health plans and lower commercial payer and Medicare reimbursement, healthcare organizations are forced to be creative with the resources they have so their organizations can accomplish the most with the least.

Healthcare’s high-cost problem is systemic, and the onus is on healthcare organizations to identify the root causes of their high-cost areas and think outside the box to drive some of those expenses down.


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