Israel adds artificial intelligence tech for SPICE bomb

Israel adds artificial intelligence tech for SPICE bomb

Rafael, an Israeli defence firm, on Monday announced it had successfully demonstrated a new “automatic target recognition” capability that relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning for the newest variant of its SPICE family of guided air-to-ground bombs. The Indian Air Force is believed to have used SPICE bombs in its attack on a Jaish-e-Mohammed camp in Balakot in February.

SPICE is an acronym for Smart, Precise, Impact and Cost-Effective. The SPICE munitions come in three variants: SPICE-2000, -1000 and -250, with the number denoting the weapon’s weight class in pounds. The SPICE-250, which weighs around 113kg and the newest variant of the SPICE family, was the version tested with artificial intelligence technology by Rafael.


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