Why We Must Embed Humanitarian Values In Artificial Intelligence Before It’s Too Late

There are two ways to look at the future: one is at us as prisoners of a technological revolution that we can no longer control, with climate change out of control, and the other as us the architects of a better future, imprinting humanitarian values into technology before it becomes more clever than us.

“We have had dramatic technological change before, but this is the first time that within a single generation we have gone through so many fundamental changes,” argues Tomas Björkman, Founder of the Ekskäret Foundation“Our brain was developed in one environment but now we are trying to navigate a new world with the same brain.”

Bjorkman believes that our old world view, so helpful since the enlightenment, limits us as we live through this era of turbulence sparked by the adoption of the internet and other new technologies, emerging ultimately into a new paradigm.


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