Tomorrow’s ‘general’ AI revolution will grow from today’s technology

Tomorrow's ‘general’ AI revolution will grow from today's technology

During his closing remarks at the I/O 2019 keynote last week, Jeff Dean, Google AI’s lead, noted that the company is looking at “AI that can work across disciplines,” suggesting the Silicon Valley giant may soon pursue Artificial general intelligence, a technology that eventually could match or exceed human intellect.

In today’s pop culture, machines with artificial general intelligence (AGI) are typically portrayed as walking, talking human analogs replete with personalities — from the Terminator’s murderous intent to Vision’s nobel heroism. In reality, self-aware robots are a long way off. Nathan Michael, Associate Research Professor and the Director of the Resilient Intelligent Systems Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, argues that generalized AI systems will grow out from today’s single-purpose “narrow” AIs.


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