Vulnerability of Artificial Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Landscape

Vulnerability of Artificial Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a prominent role in cybersecurity threat hunting and detection, but it is not flawless. Adversaries can exploit and manipulate AI data and algorithms to an extent where the recovery may not be possible. AI and its contemporaries, i.e., machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are vulnerable concerning cybersecurity and require the industry-wide research to combat the probable attacks in the future.

With an exponential rise in data, the dependence of cybersecurity on AI is bound to increase. The attackers use this opportunity to discover a loophole in AI-based security systems. And once the system experiences a security breach, malware can move undetected. The data breach is another possibility that affects the sensitive data of an enterprise. Thus, the vulnerabilities of AI must be addressed by enterprises as a proactive security measure.


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