3 Top Artificial-Intelligence Stocks to Watch in May

3 Top Artificial-Intelligence Stocks to Watch in May

Leo Sun (Tencent): Tencent, one of China’s top tech companies, owns the country’s most popular mobile messaging platform in WeChat, as well as one of its most popular payment systems in WeChat Pay. It’s also the world’s largest video game publisher.

There’s more. Tencent Video is one of China’s leading streaming video platforms, and Tencent Music (NYSE:TME), which was spun off in an IPO last year, is the country’s leading music streaming platform. Tencent Cloud, its cloud infrastructure platform, more than doubled its revenue in 2018.

Tencent’s AI Lab, founded in 2016, is developing a wide range of AI tools to process all the information it gathers across its ecosystem. That unit produced natural language processing and translation tools for WeChat, deep learning tools to recommend content in its news aggregator, Tiantian Kuaibao, and facial recognition technologies to tag photos.


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