How Artificial Intelligence will Disrupt Financial Services Industry

How Artificial Intelligence will Disrupt Financial Services Industry

With a fast-paced world becoming a global village where customer-interaction personalised and a click-away, technology is, no doubt, playing a key impactful role in redefining the operations of finance and banking sector, including the consumer experience. Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword and trending focus across the financial world. Can Nigeria’s finance services industry benefit from the application of Artificial Intelligence without major collateral damge? asks Adedayo Adejobi

Today, it is easy to get carried away by the buzzword of artificial intelligence, especially with huge noise made about it. But, in its current form, its application is helping improve and transform industries across developed countries, especially in the financial services sector. The big question amongst the third world countries is, how would artificial intelligence assist the financial services industry in Nigeria? If Nigeria gets it right, the likelihood that Africa would speedily join the bandwagon is high.


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