Microsoft partners with OpenClassrooms to recruit and train 1,000 AI students

Microsoft partners with OpenClassrooms to recruit and train 1,000 AI students

The global artificial intelligence (AI) talent pool may be growing, but demand is still exceeding supply, according to a tech talent report Element AI released yesterday. That is one of the reasons Microsoft is partnering with French online education platform OpenClassrooms to train and recruit promising students in AI and prepare them for the workplace.

OpenClassrooms is one of a number of massive open online course (MOOC) platforms, offering an unlimited number of people access to courses ranging from programming and project management to product design. The company has raised north of $60 million since its inception in 2007, including a $60 million series B round last May.

Through its latest partnership, OpenClassrooms will construct programs based on Microsoft’s content and project-specific tasks — these are designed to fill the types of AI roles that are in demand. Though it’s reasonable to assume Microsoft is a potential suitor for future graduates, the scope of the program is broader than that — those who complete the master’s-level course will be given access to a range of employers with AI positions to fill.

“The demand for AI and machine learning opportunities has never been stronger,” said OpenClassrooms cofounder and CEO Pierre Dubuc in a press release.


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